Meet Shefali

"Shefali" is 16 years old and has only studied through grade 7. Her father is an alcoholic, and her mother struggled to feed their six girls. Whatever small quantity of food they grew, they had to survive on it. Three sisters are married and another sister, Neela, is at the safe house learning cosmetology. None of the sisters were able to remain in school because of their poverty, but Shefali dreams of continuing on to higher education, in order to earn a professional job and sustain her family economically.

People in her village told her that it wouldn’t be safe for her as a teenager to work in Kathmandu with its high risk of abuse and trafficking. Neela talked to the safe house staff about her sister. When they came to know about her situation, they immediately called her to be a part of their family. “Now I have found a way by which I can fulfill my goals. I will work hard to pursue all my dreams.”

Among the different programs provided by Safe Nepal, providing educational aid to girls coming from rural areas or families living at or below the poverty level is a crucial program. To those girls who have potential, are enthusiastic and hardworking, who are determined that they will prove themselves to the world by being the best, Safe Nepal has been offering these kinds of programs for a long time. From now on, Shefali is a part of the safe house family. And they are pleased to have her as their family member.