Redefining women’s worth within family and society


women are trafficked out of Nepal every day

Many victims are women and girls who are especially vulnerable due to lack of education and limited work opportunities. Desperate for a way to feed themselves, they are coerced and then trafficked for sex.

Nepali Women Currently Trafficked Around the World

  • 54,000

    women trafficked in Nepal
  • 200,000

    Nepali women trafficked in India
  • 300,000

    Nepali women trafficked in the Middle East
  • Growing by Hundreds

    in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Increasing by Thousands

    in China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Russia
    Numbers are from various sources and based on best estimates.


Restoring Hope Nepal provides a safe environment for women and girls rescued from trafficking. We support the restoration of the whole person in order to cultivate healing, nurture self-sufficiency, and reintegrate them to their families and society.

Safe Nepal

Safe Nepal is a 2-year residential program. We provide a safe space for women and girls to start new lives.  

Counseling & Discipleship

Foundational to the healing process, counseling restores and provides hope for the future.

Education & Scholarships

Scholarships provide an opportunity for women to finish high school and pursue a college degree—allowing them to secure future employment.

Job Training:
Cosmetology & Tailoring

The 10-month program allows women and girls to achieve independence and the confidence needed to establish new lives.

Business Start-Up Support

Sponsorship includes equipment and supplies for a salon or tailor shop, three month’s rent, and ongoing business support.

Reintegrated into Society

Impact Across Nepal

Since 2013, over 60 women have gone through the extensive aftercare program, receiving education, job training, and holistic care in order to gain freedom from sex trafficking, build new lives, and make an impact in their communities.

Future Safe House

Our vision is to build a long-term aftercare and vocational training center that will house 120+ women and children at a time.

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the Mission

Make a difference today in the lives of women rescued from sex trafficking.

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