Hansika's Story

After devastating circumstances, Hansika* found hope at Safe Nepal.

Hansika* was a young teen when forced to marry. One year later, at age 15, she gave birth to a baby boy. Her husband became abusive, so Hansika tried to find safety for herself and her son. When he found out, he took their child and abandoned Hansika.

Without an education or job skills, Hansika was desperate for a way to survive. She went to the capital of Nepal to find work. There she met a woman, Rati*, who promised her a good job at a bar in India, so Hansika went. She worked under Rati’s control for four years. Since Hansika wasn’t able to open a bank account, the money was given to Rati to manage. At the end of four years, she discovered Rati had lied, and left her with nothing, giving Hansika no hope to ever return home.

Hansika asked to go back to Nepal. Rati agreed, but only if Hansika earned a month’s wages at a new bar to cover the expenses. Desperate to return home to Nepal, she agreed. To her horror, she was sold to a brothel. Refusing to work, Hansika was severely beaten and drugged, then sold to customers multiple times a day.

“I thought, ‘Now my life is finished. No one will come here to save me. This place is the end of my life.’”

Hansika decided to escape, knowing it was her only way to freedom. The brothel was surrounded by surveillance; shortly after fleeing she was caught, beaten brutally by a gang from the brothel, and left to die.

Hansika was found unconscious and barely alive. She was taken to a hospital, where she was treated for three months. With the help of a courageous doctor, she was given money, her identity was concealed, and she was placed on a train home to Nepal.

At the border, police officers assisted her to a temporary shelter until she was able to move into Safe Nepal. For the first time since leaving at age 15, she was safe. She had shelter, food, and the chance to learn job skills and start life in a new way.

Today, Hansika is concentrating on tailor training and leads Bible studies and devotions. She discovered a passion for cooking and enjoys making meals for the other women. Hansika has now been reconciled to her family and is working to establish her own tailoring business.

“I want to work hard and learn to tailor so that in the future I can do something on my own —and I don’t have to beg for money from anyone.”

                                                                                              *Name changed to protect confidentiality.