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Restoring Hope Nepal

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Restoring Hope Nepal

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November 13, 2019

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Meet Koseli

July 2, 2017

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Beautiful Outside and Inside

October 9, 2017

What do you do every day here with the girls?


I am Nandu. I do parlor, and I am teaching now only one person.


What is the goal? When you’re done teaching the girls, what do you hope they can do?


The purpose of my work is I want to make the person beautiful (and handsome). The spirit also is beautiful. I want to see them with their spirit also beautiful, inside also beautiful. I try to make them beautiful inside in the spirit and outside also. Inside and outside, I want to see beautiful.



How many girls do you teach? You have had many that have graduated and moved on?


RANJANA: Before we had another teacher – Nandu has been here for eight months. We have already graduated a few girls from the beauty parlor. She just met those girls, but she didn’t train them. Now the new training has started, and she has one student along with Myra – she takes care of the parlor too; she is in charge of the parlor.


Nandu has a little girl who is six years old. Being a beautician, she had a desire to open her own business. I expressed to her about the safe house and told her we need a parlor teacher. I just expressed that to her and proposed to her to be a parlor teacher.


NANDU: When I heard about this proposal, I prayed about it and God gave me a peace from inside. He spoke to me and said, “Better than to open your own business to come here and help them as a parlor teacher,” especially than opening my own business. So I decided to come here and be a parlor teacher.


I am very much thankful to God. I believe God has brought me here; He has kept me here. As the girls here come from different backgrounds, I suffer a lot to tackle the challenges because of their emotional ups and downs, so many things going on with them. Besides these challenges, as I have known that God has called me for this ministry and He has put me here, I become happy and I can face all these challenges.


I have got this opportunity to review myself, to change my own life. I have read the Bible before also, but this work has given me the opportunity to serve people, which has changed my own life.


As a staff, I am very much thankful to Safe Nepal , and I can see that God is working in this safe house. I have seen how girls have come in. They have learned different skills, and now some of them have gone outside and they have established their own life. I have seen how girls have been restored, coming here to Safe Nepal. I will be praying for Safe Nepal. I am always thankful for Safe Nepal.

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