Meet Saarikaa

“I was 15 when I was sold to a brothel by my boyfriend.”

Saarikaa (17) comes from a rural village. Her father passed away when she was a child and her mother is in a bad economic condition.

"I had run away from home, then met a man when I was working as house help in my sister’s friend's house. At first, it was nothing serious. He was easy to talk to, understanding of my feelings, and a good listener. He made me feel special and comfortable -- it just felt right. So after talking for a few months, he asked me to go for a date. I was so excited! We made plans and we went to different places."

"First, we came to Kathmandu. Then after a couple of days, we went to Kakarvitta (India border). I was there for a week. When I saw his friend there, I got a really bad vibe. My boyfriend called his partner and then together with his friends raped me. One day his friend told me that we were leaving for our home, but he took me to India. I was there for a week. He took me to a red light area and into a room. He asked me to wait there. I waited for a couple of hours, and when I went to find him, I knew that he had left me. I came to know that my boyfriend sold me to his friend, and he again sold me into another place. I was worried and wanted to escape from there. I was traumatized; they used to scold me a lot. They threatened us for using current flow (electricity). One day I was able to escape from the brothel. When I met the Indian people I didn't understand their language. A man brought me to the Nepali hotel and I shared my story with them. They informed the police and I was given to Tiny Hands Nepal."

Saarikaa’s case has been filed against the suspect, so she needs a safe place to stay and also wants to learn vocational training to empower herself. Tiny Hands believes that Safe Nepal will be an ideal place for her future upbringing and the complete well-being that she desperately needs.

Please pray for Saarikaa. She is facing some difficulties adjusting to the environment.

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