Meet Piya

Piya (age 15) comes from a remote village. Her father and mother gave birth to many children, but only 10 lived. Due to poor economic conditions, those children never got the chance to complete their education. Poverty forced them to beg to feed themselves. “I come from a very poor family. When I was small my father had to sell our land for my mom’s treatment. She is suffering from mental illness.” Two of her brothers went to India, but they have never heard any information about them.

Child marriage is very popular in rural villages. One day a man came with a proposal of marriage for Piya, but she didn't want to get married at such a young age. Fortunately her family would not force her to marry, but the man brought her to show off his property. "He used to say that if I get married to him, I will be happy forever. But I never trusted him." One day he went to a friend’s home with a marriage proposal. She felt like something was not right about this man. Many girls from her village get married and go to India, and they never come back because they get sold there. And this man kept coming to her with his marriage proposal. "I didn’t feel safe to stay in the village, but I don’t have anybody to share my fears with. I wanted to go away from my village, and I wanted to do something for me and my family so that I can live a respectful life. Begging daily and fulfilling the needs is very hard for us,” shares Piya.

She shared her story with Abhijita, who had recently graduated from the tailor program at the safe house and returned to the village, who then shared with Piya about Safe Nepal.

Now I am learning the tailoring course. I am happy and learning many things. Everyone loves me a lot.

Pray for Piya ("beloved"), that she would thrive in the love of her new family.

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