An Opportunity for the Future

INTRODUCTION: Amritha is involved in training people to build society in many different ways; she is a very qualified woman. She has been working in the social work field for 10 years, helping people’s lives. Amritha is a woman who has a vision for old people, as well as girls like we have in our safe home. She organizes training for women’s health, first aid, and literacy classes. She has trained our house mother how to teach the literacy class. She has been a good help to us.

The safe home mission is established to do two things: social care and soul care – both have to go together. Our intention is to equip the girls in every possible way we can. The literacy classes, first aid classes, and women’s health class are very important. If our girls know these things when they go back to their village, they will be on their own, but they can implement these things in their lives.

AMRITHA: The girls come from different backgrounds: some girls come from a violent background, some come from a husband who sold them, some are on the street with no one to care for them. When they come here, now they have a safe home – physically safe. If they have a safe home, then food and lodging, everything is good for them. In their daily life, they are improving. For example, some girls are studying in school and some are studying in college, which is a great opportunity for them. Others are skill learning, for example tailoring and beauty parlor, which is one of the good opportunities for income generation in their life. I know some girls who are running their tailoring shop really nicely; one I know personally is a good example, a model of our society because she was destitute, disadvantaged in her society, and now she has this opportunity.

Through our service here, we can share, we can teach them, and they also have opportunity to share their feelings. That type of opportunity provides them a way to share their feelings and improve their life. When they do this type of practice, they are really more open to share their feelings and hearts with other people, which is very important in our society. In our society, we are not too much open like other countries, because we women should always be loyal and we should not talk much. That is the practice in our country. These days, we are improving our women’s and girls’ lives. In that way when we come here, then definitely we can say that we have the opportunity to share with them and teach them to grow.

When the girls go back to their community, they say we may face some problems; we remind them, whatever challenges come in your life or in the future, please do not worry. Because you became a different person; you are different girls and different women. You have learned many things from this organization, and you are returning with a skill. Just do your work earnestly, whatever you learn from this organization. We wish to say that you should not give an angry retort; always be good women and good girls in your community, and the things you have learned from here you will prove from your daily life.

We always encourage them about their life’s importance; that thing we always encourage. One girl shared about her life, what type of life was in her past and how she has been improving her life. Now we can see her life is different than her past life. She lives as an example that is very good for our organization.

Safe home is an organization where it gives an opportunity for all members for their future.

Why do I help at the safe home? Because I love the girls. Love is more important. Love means care for each other, love means help each other, love means meet each other.


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