Pray for Sanah & Her Sisters

Sanah* came from a poor family, and her parents arranged for her to be married at the age of 17 to a man they did not know. She tried her best to tolerate his violence and mental illness for two years. Her family was dishonored when she left that marriage, so she traveled to a different city to find a job – with an incomplete education and no marketable skills, the only job she could find was at a dance bar.

In the life that she was living, she was now among the lowest of the low in the caste culture of Nepal. Where women are valued less than men and shame follows every step taken in the red-light district, Sanah had nothing to live for. After she came to know about Restoring Hope Nepal, she took her first step to leave her past behind her.

Every year thousands of women and girls in Nepal are trafficked into a life of slavery. Amidst a culture that shames and devalues women, Restoring Hope Nepal provides rehabilitative care, vocational training, and access to traditional education.

Please consider giving a much-needed gift of any amount today to help us support the young women now living at the safe house – and to make it possible to rescue ONE MORE.

Sanah is continuing her education, and through the love and care she has received at the safe house, Sanah has been giving back to this family she is a part of – working to care for the other women and girls there, encouraging the newcomers and even reaching out to her friends to rescue them.

I have a heart and a big desire now to help those girls who are like I once was. They have gone through pain and suffering and are now living a bad life. I want to go and rescue them and help them. I want to see them change as I am changed. ”

You must be asking yourself, what can I do that would make a difference?

Just $500 helps to bring in one more girl, which provides new clothing, medical examinations, and vocational training - tailoring, parlor, or traditional school.

Since 2013, our safe home has helped over 50 women gain freedom from sex trafficking and build new lives. Your year-end gift of $50, $100, $500 directly impacts Sanah and other women like her, women and girls who have been rescued or are in danger of sex trafficking.

Please join us today in supporting life transformation for rescued women.

Please know that you are a valued partner in this ministry, whether you support this need financially or through your prayers. Thank you! No matter the circumstances these women have come from, they are being made whole and new – no longer mistreated and exploited, but beloved daughters.

Will you stand with us for ONE MORE transformed life with a gift today?

Thank you for supporting hope and new life,

Wes Flint

*Name changed to protect her identity.

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