Parlor & Tailor Training

It made our sisters' day to get an order for 100 bags; they were very excited to get the big order. Ketak cut the cloth, and Rochana, Pramiti, Rachita, and Kanchana were busy sewing, with Pallavi and Luniva helping with some of the piecework. They were very happy to sew the bags, and feel empowered with a new skill. Kusumita has two women who have begun to learn tailoring from her. She invested by buying two extra machines. There were many new clothes brought by customers, so Kusumita and Abhijita were quite busy during festival time. They send their love and warm greetings. In every call, they thank and appreciate Safe for everything. Kavita is kept busy with the beauty parlor. This month threading, oil massage, cleansing, waxing, and facials were in high demand.Karishma, Neela, Rakhi, Nayantara, Maliha, and Jharna are learning the parlor course. This month they learned more about hair lightening, hair curling, and oil massage. Now they are focusing on skin topics, which include manicure, pedicure, and body massage.

Eleven girls are scheduled to graduate in the spring, and many of them will stay at the safe house to continue their schooling. Tailoring: Rochana, Rachita, Kanchana, Pallavi, Luniva. Parlor: Karishma, Neela, Rakhi, Nayantara, Maliha, Jharna

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