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Kusumita and Abhijita came to Kathmandu after being gone for a couple of months upon graduating in March 2019. They had returned to their own village in a very remote part of Nepal to search for a good place to rent a shop. Under our program, the focus is women’s empowerment, and we encourage them to support their livelihood, so they can live an independent life full of joy. It was one of the happiest moments to support them and hand over the sewing machines, interlock machines (sergers), scissors, scales, chalks, varieties of cloth, etc. to set up their new business. Air service is irregular and quite expensive. They traveled one and a half days by bus to reach their destination. They were excited to open their shop. After a few days, they opened their shop and shared their happiness with us. Abhi is a hard working and talented person. She shared that she was suffering trouble with her old interlock machine. She has repaired it so many times but it never works well, so to motivate and encourage her we gave her a new interlock machine and iron. She was very happy to receive all these things and truly appreciates the work of the safe house.

New students are increasing in Sharan’s shop, so the sewing machines were insufficient for her. We handed over more sewing machines to her. Now she is happy and shares her sincere gratitude towards all of us. Dhanya, one of our sisters, recently visited Safe and she reported she has more and more students and she is earning to help herself. Tanuja is working in the parlor in her locality. She earns some and she is able to support her family. She shared that at the end of June she was baptized and she is very happy. She requests we pray for her and her responsibilities towards her family. Vinita is doing well in her business. During seasonal time she earns nearly 20000 per month ($200), and during the off-season she earns enough to live, to pay rent, and to save some of the earnings.

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