Meet Rakhi

Rakhi (20 years old) joins the safe house to learn Beauty Parlor Course. Her family's main income source is agriculture. There are 6 members of the family. Due to the poor economic condition, she needs to work hard to earn money and to support her family. She is the one who is responsible to fulfill the basic needs of her family. Her brother and sister used to go to school. She wants them to study more. She used to work at home when she was just 18 years old. It was not safe for her to work in that home. It’s very hard to work when you do not get time to rest for some time as well. Sometimes being young she was not safe there. She felt everything she was doing in that house would never fulfill her dreams. “If I can learn skill training, then I can make my better future,” she shares her feelings. She tells her about the safe house and that working in a home was not good. So she came here and now she is happily learning beauty parlor.

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