Meet Rachita

Child slavery is banned in Nepal, but behind the hidden walls some still keep young girls as slaves called kamlari. My name is Rachita. I am 17 years old. When I was 13 years old I got married; it was a forced child marriage. My husband stayed with me for 2 weeks. Later, he went back to India. Everything changed when my mother in-law used to bring boys, and I was frequently raped. I was not the only person to be a victim; my sister-in-law was also a victim. It was very hard for me. I stayed there one year. I tried to contact my husband but he ignored me. I could not imagine how many times I was raped. Once a week three persons used to come regularly and I used to suffer. Whenever I found myself the victim of sexual assault by someone I knew, I felt paralyzed immediately whenever this kind of incident occurred. One day I shared my situation with my neighbor, who suggested it’s better not to stay there, so I ran away.

Life in my village was too risky for me. Everyone suggested to work as kamlari but I never wanted to. I shared my story with my aunt; she and some villagers help me to contact another NGO that works for women’s rights. I was saved at the right time and I stayed in Mangala Sahana for more than a year. I want to live an independent life so that I can make my own career. Without skill, all things are impossible for me. Now I am at the safe house and currently learning tailoring course.

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