Meet Kanchana

Life at home became unbearable because I felt I wasn’t wanted. I was raised in a poor family. Every sibling has their father except me. I felt that I was the problem for my family; if I was not there things would be better between my parents. My father did not treat me with the love he had for my sister. I was always alone and unwanted. My mother kept me in my uncle and aunt’s home from the time I was born. The home was not a home for me. Most of the time, everyone uses harsh words on me because they think I was an illegitimate child. I used to think that it was not my mistake, but I have to suffer it throughout my childhood. Nobody loved me. I used to do all the household activities at my aunt’s house. But they were never happy with my work. I tried my best to get some love and attention from them but every time I failed. They used to beat me frequently and used harsh words and used to blame me that I was responsible for all this.

One day I went to the jungle to cut the grass for the animals with all of my friends. Suddenly when I stood up with my dhoko (big basket) I could not imagine what happened to me. I was pushed from the hill and I fell down. Some people helped me and took me to the hospital and I was unconscious. After a long treatment I was discharged from hospital with the help of some local people.

By this time my mother passed away. Father never wanted to accept me because I am always an illegitimate child for him, family and for the society. Word “illegitimate child” always strikes me whenever I exist and now I am quite familiar with it. It was a risk for me to stay over there. Due to my situation, they referred me to one organization, then another where I stayed for three months. After that, I was sent to a different organization. I never get an opportunity to study so my education background is weak but I want to learn skill development training so that I can live an independent life and want to make my own career. I believe in myself that I can do everything.

“I am very happy to be at Safe Nepal. Now I can feel what home is and what love is. I found family, love, friends, and everything. I am learning tailoring course and my dream is to go back to my place and open my shop and show them that illegitimate child can also do everything,” shares Kanchana.

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