Meet Nayantara

Nayantara is from a mid-sized family where her father is retired from the army and her mother went abroad. Home is not a home for her; she shares every day starts with fighting and discussion among her parents.“I am 18 years old. I had one brother who left the house 4 years ago. Due to this issue, me and my mom left the house and went to another region. From that day, my father declared that I am no more alive for him. He never tried to contact me. My mother went abroad to work. One year ago she went and till today we don’t have contact. I was tired of all these things; there was no one whom I can share my things. So after my grade 10, I lived with my friends. During my teenage period, I had a desire to get loved and have family support. I went through lots of trauma because of family separation.”

Love was a basic need for me. I never felt loved by my parents. Love was not a part of my life. While staying with my friends, one day they give something to drink; after that I was unconscious. I don’t remember anything that happened to me. When I opened my eyes; I was lying in the bed with two people. I never thought that I could be raped, but I was. One was my friend's boyfriend and the other I don’t know him. I live with the regrets that I thought nothing like that could ever happen to me. There was no one with whom to share my feelings and what happened to me.

Being alone and lonely was a core part of my life. One day I met a friend who suggested I find a good job in Kathmandu. During that time I was jobless and to fulfill basic needs I did need to work so I trusted her and came with her. I thought my life would change again. Feeling uncomfortable, I stayed at my friend’s brother’s house. “In front of my friend, her brother grabbed me and dragged me into the room. I screamed. Knowing what was about to happen I froze. My whole body went numb. I could not move. During half a month, more than 6 times I was being raped.” Then I went back to my own area.

One day I met a guy and our friendship began. Day by day knowing each other, sharing feelings bonded us together. The friendship resulted in our relationship. He loved me and cared for me. He was the one person who loved me and supported me. He promised to marry me and I trusted him. We had a physical relationship as well. One day we planned to visit India to spend more time and we were on the way. But at the border, I was intercepted by Tiny Hands. They asked a lot of questions. I trusted my boyfriend but when the police and other representative asked him, he said he never made a promise to marry me. “I was totally devastated and broken. I was totally shocked; he used me and enjoyed my body just to fulfill his desire. When I called my home, no one was ready to come and take me back. It is not safe for me to go back to my home.” Tiny Hands informed my family but there was no one who can take me back. Tiny Hands believed that Safe Family Nepal will be an ideal place for her future upbringing and complete well-being that she desperately needs.

“Now, living in the safe house I am able to live a normal life again. I am happy to be here. This means a home where I get new life, new hope, and love from every one.”

While the latest team was visiting in Nepal, Sabina was asked to share her story during devotions. She broke down in tears and could not utter a word. One of the staff later sat down with her to comfort her and tell her how much she is loved. Words cannot begin to describe the transformation they observed in her: the rest of their time together, she was bright, laughing, engaging with others ... a totally different person has emerged from the ashes.

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