Meet Rochana

Rochana is nearly 18. She had taken the SEE (high school final exam). She shares, “After SEE examination she was living in her village and working there was her daily task. But one day, one of her villager’s brother suggested traveling with him to Kathmandu, where he said there would be plenty of jobs.” She was interested to earn money; to support her family was her main responsibility. Her brother found her a job in a small shop as a waitress.

“Everyone has a dream to work to achieve something in life but everything changed to me when I was forced to do a lot of things I did not want to do. But I did it because I felt my compulsion towards family. I had been sexually abused and raped for a couple of months. Whenever I refused to do such things, I was dragged, beaten, shot, and forcefully have to bear all this.” It happened for a couple of months and sometimes 2 clients per day was her schedule. “Slowly, I started accepting that as the truth. I had no place to go, no love to receive, fear to share with my parents and nothing to give.”

“Due to my compulsion, I have to do those things. It’s hard to share with my parents about what happened to me. I felt alone and lonely; nobody was there to share my feelings. During those days, I met a sister who knew my condition and shared with me about the safe house. Then new hope emerged and I hope to have a better future. Now, I am happy to be here and I joined sewing training. Today, I have reclaimed happiness. I am starting my new journey to live an independent life that is free of fear. The more I spend time with them, the more I feel a sense of belonging.” – Rochana

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