Meet Preetal

Preetal is 22 years old and has a very painful story with a very hard life. There are six members in her family. It’s been one year since her father passed away. In her family there is economic crisis, and her family cannot afford their basic needs. She faced much violence from her brother, so she decided to run from the house. Her mother is very old and cannot support the family.

Preetal decided to help the family survive and came to Kathmandu for a job. She found a job with the help of her relative’s sister, working in a hotel. In the beginning the job was good and she was happy there. After some time, the hotel owner started to mistreat her; she had so much work to do that sometimes she didn’t have time to eat. The owner started to send her to sleep with different clients; she felt this is not something she ever wanted to do in her life, but that hotel owner forced her to do according to what the client demands. She was living such a painful life. She has faced so much sexual abuse every day and night. She thought that her life is going to be like this in hell; no one treated her as a human being.

One day she ran away from that hotel and she met a woman who knew about the safe house. As soon as she heard about our work, she got so excited and began to have some hope. We are so privileged to welcome her in our family; now she is learning tailoring and has a new excitement and a home where she can live.

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