Meet Karishma

Karishma is 17 years old. When she learned to use Facebook, she was very excited and she got lots of friend requests. One day she accepted a friend request from a guy and they started to chat. They used to have good conversation and one day he proposed to her which she accepted, thinking he must be a good person for her life. After a few months they decided to meet. That guy showed her so much love and care, but he would ask money of her often. Very soon after they met a few times, he said he wants to marry her so he took her to a hotel where they spent a few days and started to have physical relations. After going to the hotel a few times with him, she felt his behavior is changing and they started to drink together to enjoy their life.

One day this guy said let’s go to India so that we can have more fun. As they were crossing the border, he got so nervous but she did not know why he was being like that. When some border monitoring people saw them they were suspicious and asked them questions individually. She was very innocent and told them that he is her boyfriend and they are going to India to have fun, but when they asked him some questions he could not answer them. With his conversation they found he was trying to take her to sell in India, so the police arrested them both. The police contacted the safe house and now she is safe with us. She is very happy that she was rescued from being sold. Right now that guy is in jail and Karishma is very happy to be with us.

#Karishma #RestoringHopeNepal

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