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If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good things to those who ask him! (Matthew 7:11) Jesus is speaking to His disciples in the context of praying to God by asking, seeking, and knocking at His door for help (Matt 7:7-8). Even a human father knows better than to give his own child a serpent if he asks for a fish (Matt 7:10); how infinitely greater is our heavenly Father who will “give good things to those who ask him?” God is good to answer our prayers but we need to seek His will and ask for His help. If we do that He will answer our prayers and open the door for us with the opportunity which He has in store for us … because God knows what is best for us.

We are thankful to our prayer partners for always covering us in prayer. All of our sisters have their own painful stories but through God and His grace he has rescued them and brought them to the safe house where they can find new life and hope.

We believe God is moving in the lives of these girls. Once they were in sin and living a dirty life, abandoned by society and counted as dust, but now God has changed their value of life and they know they are important to Him. God’s words are always true and living. He promises these girls that He will never leave or forsake them, and He is guiding these ladies in a wonderful way.

We had a one-day first aid training for our staff and girls. Our local church organized this training for the safe house. We had a very blessed time, and the trainers taught us about how we can prevent basic diseases. They taught us how to tackle emergency situations if someone is injured. They gave us basic information about first aid medical treatment. After that we had a practice session of what they taught us.

Alisha is 33 years old and comes to us from Pune, India. She was born in a middle class family in Nepal and had an arranged marriage to a man from Jaigaon, India. After a year, she gave birth to a baby boy. When her first baby was 11 months old she was separated from her husband. She had a very difficult time there so she decided to go somewhere where she can earn money and take care of her son. So she left home and her son. As she was searching for a job, she met a person who told her that he had business in India. He said that he could help her find work. She was very innocent and didn’t know what is right and what is wrong. She needed a job to take care of her child, so she went with this guy to Pune, India, but he sold her in a brothel.

Alisha was only 22 years old when she was sold there. She stayed in the brothel for 4 years. While staying in that brothel she met a guy and fell in love with him. They both fell in love deeply, and they planned to get married. At the age of 26 she married that guy and was living happily for a time. But her husband was an alcoholic; when he got drunk he would scold and beat her. At the age of 28, she gave birth to a second baby boy. Her husband started to torture her a lot; after one year another baby boy was born. Our contact in Pune met her and told her she is not in the right place and she needs to be out of this red-light area. After having a friendship with her for a long time and winning her trust, our contact was able to rescue her from that area and brought her to the safe house with her two little boys, who are 5 and 6 years old. Now she is at the safe house living happily and learning tailoring.

We have recently added five new women and girls to our safe house. Each time we add someone new, it costs money as we give them new clothing and provide them with the tools they need for vocational training - tailoring, parlor, or sending them to school. We also take care of their physical and medical needs. Please consider sponsoring one of our new sisters.

Prayer Request:

  • Pray for the speedy recovery of our sisters who are suffering from different kind of sicknesses due to the weather.

  • Pray for our staff, Srijana and Sangeeta, that they can handle their responsibilities properly. May God give them wisdom and knowledge to do their work.

  • Pray that we may find a new parlor teacher.

  • Our tailor and parlor are going on smoothly; pray for them.

  • Pray for our sisters Pallavi, Girija, and Luniva; they have been appearing for their first term examinations. May God continue to give them more strength and wisdom in their studies.

  • Pray for our sisters Pramiti, Palash, and Ujwala, who have started college. May God bless them in their studies.

  • Pray for the little boys, for their good health and their studies.

  • We would like to give thanks to God for our supporters who have been praying for us. Please do continue to pray for our ministry.

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