Sponsor Our New Residents - Meet Kusumita and Pramiti

We have recently added five new women and girls to our safe house. Each time we add someone new, it costs money as we give them new clothing and provide them with the tools they need for vocational training - tailoring, parlor, or sending them to school. We also take care of their physical and medical needs. Please consider sponsoring one of our new sisters.

Kusumita is 28 years old. She was brought up in a middle class family. When she was fifteen years old, her parents arranged her marriage. Everything was going well for two months with her new family. But after she gave birth to two sons, they started to hate her and treat her badly. She could not tolerate them anymore, so she came to Kathmandu hoping to have a better life but she was at high risk for trafficking. When she came to know about the safe house through her aunt, she came here. She is very much happy to stay here. It is a blessing for her and now she is learning tailoring.

Pramiti is 17 years old. She lived near the India border and was brought up in a Christian family. Though she knows God she has made many mistakes in her life. Since she mingled with her worldly friends she made big mistakes in the eyes of God and her family, and she was on the wrong track. Instead of obeying her parents, she gave priority to her friends. Without getting permission from her parents she came to Kathmandu. She went to her friend’s sister’s home. They stayed there for three days and they went to meet her friend’s boyfriend. Her boyfriend took them to a hotel and they stayed there for a few days and were used by him. He did not allow her to contact her family. He was trying to take her to some other unknown place, but her elder sister was able to contact her and rescued her from that guy and brought her to the safe house.

Ever since she came here she is so much changed. She has decided that she will never repeat such a mistake in her life. She will be a good example to others, she will live for God, and she will stand on her own feet. She joined the college and she is studying hard.

We had another happy moment here in our safe house. We would like to give thanks to God that this month we could celebrate our sister Luniva’s birthday; that is the happiest moment for us. God is so faithful that we could celebrate her birthday together. We had a small group gathering in our safe house. We cut the cake, singing hymns, and together praying for her future. It was a very blessed and wonderful time for us to enjoy one another. Once again thank you so much for your kind support, love, and prayer to our girls. They are very much happy and thankful to you all.

We have good news for us that our sister Vinita who graduated this year has left our safe house. She had done a six-month tailoring course. We were able to reintegrate her with her family. She wants to open a tailoring business in the future and is in need of our prayers. Thanks to our dear prayer partners who have supported us and prayed for us. We hope that God will bless you and give you the desires of your heart.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for our sisters who are learning tailoring and parlor, that God will give them good strength and guidance in their learning.

  • Pray for our sister Vinita that she is going to start new business in tailoring; may God give her wisdom and strength in her new business.

  • Pray for our new sisters who have just arrived, that while staying in our mission, they may learn these skills.

  • All glory to God that our sisters Palash and Ujwala passed the SEE (High School) examination with good marks. Keep praying for their intermediate level studies in near future, that they can get good marks in their studies. They need to find a good college for their further studies.

  • Pray for our staff that they can handle their responsibilities properly. May God give them wisdom and knowledge to do their work.

  • We would like to give thanks to God that our supporters are praying for us. Thank you so much for that and keep praying for our ministry.

  • Thank you for your prayers that the tailor shop and parlor are going smoothly.

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