Sponsor Our New Residents - Meet Abhijita and Tanuja

This month of June we would like to give thanks to God for giving us new sisters in our safe house – this was good news and in response to our prayers. God has heard our prayer, and we praise our God for His mercy and grace toward our sisters; without your prayers and support, we cannot carry on this mission. Because of God’s plan, our sisters are with us today. We are happy to share their testimonies for the glory of God; it’s our privilege to serve them.

Abhijita is 27 years old. She is from one of the remote districts of Nepal. She was born and brought up in a poor family. When she was six months old, her father left them and married another woman. She also has a sister, and her mother struggled to take care of them. When Abhijita was sixteen years old, she married into another caste. After her marriage her husband took her to Mumbai and everything was going well between them for some time. After a few months, they returned back home. But the family of her husband did not accept her and started to hate her. His family sent her husband to India again to separate them. She could not stay with the family anymore because they did not treat her well. She struggled in her life, so she took her son back to her mother’s home and stayed there. After eight years, her husband came back to Nepal. Along with the time his mind changed. He married another woman and did not take care of Abhijita, so she decided to divorce him.

Her heart was filled with pain and she was so lonely. Out of that pain she started to make herself available to anyone just to survive, though she felt guilty for what she was doing. She was always looking for some better option, so when she came to know about the safe house she was so excited to come and learn decent skills. Now she is doing very well learning tailoring. She hopes one day she can stand on her own feet and take care of her son and mother.

Tanuja is 15 years old. She belongs to a higher caste family in Nepal. Her father works in India, as a cook in a restaurant. Due to their low economic status her family sent her India to work with her cousin. She started to do some household work for a family in the middle of the red light area. She didn’t know what to do or what would happen to her next. A Nepali family came to know about her and realized she was at a very high risk in her young age. This family knew about our safe house, so they rescued her and brought her here. Now she is learning beauty parlor skills, and after that her dream is to open a parlor business in her own village.

We have recently added five new women and girls to our safe house. Each time we add someone new, it costs money as we give them new clothing and provide them with the tools they need for vocational training - tailoring, parlor, or sending them to school. We also take care of their physical and medical needs. Please consider sponsoring one of our new sisters.

Because of your continuous love, prayer, and support our girls are doing well. They pray together, lead the devotions, worship together, and the girls are busy with their vocational training. May God’s peace be upon this family that they will have this peace in their life. Thank you all for your support. May God give more blessing to you and your families.

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