Going Home with Our Blessing

“I rescued the poor who cried for help, and the fatherless who had none to assist them.” (Job 29:12)

These two months have been months of blessing. We were able to graduate ten girls this month. This was the moment we have been waiting and praying for. We want to thank all our prayer partners for always being with us and supporting us with your prayers. That means everything to us.

We would like to thank the team who came to encourage us and to be part of this family to celebrate together the graduation ceremony. We were so encouraged by their presence and the love they bestowed upon us. It was not that easy for you to come this far just to meet the girls, but you all have shown love through action by doing this and may God bless you all for everything you are doing for this family.

The graduation ceremony was wonderful. We were able to include many people who came there to bless our ladies. And along with them we had most of the graduates’ family members who came to be part of our program and also to receive their girls. It was so rewarding to see the joy in their families’ faces as their girls were receiving certificates. Some of them were filled with tears and they thanked Safe Nepal for embracing their girls and helping them transform their lives. Some parents even said that “more than anything they have seen a great change in their daughter’s life.”

We want to request all our prayer partners to keep remembering them in your prayers, that in spite of their circumstances, they may be able to keep a good life. However in the past, a few ladies made the same commitment but they failed to keep their vow. May God guide all these ladies as they start their new journey back in society, though the life outside is not as easy as they think.

We sent four ladies back to their homes (Isha, Binishma, Ojasvi, and Latika). They wanted to start their own small tailor business so we purchased all the needed items for them to start a small shop. Each of them was given two sewing machines and all the other equipment, including some materials to start. Their family came to receive them. All seem to be very excited and were thankful to Safe Nepal. We also bought a complete set for Basanta to start her parlor. With joyful faces they have promised us that they will go back to their village and start a shop to sustain their life. We are very glad to send them. We did not ask them to go from the safe house, but they themselves made a decision to go back to their families. They have now become strong ladies who can make their own decisions, and they have the courage to do something to earn and sustain their life.

Our love, prayers, and support are always with them.

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