Ketak Opens a Tailor Shop

We want to thank all our prayer partners for always covering Safe Nepal in your prayers. God is blessing this program, changing people’s lives, and doing so many new things. We have now eighteen girls in our safe house. Most of them are new. Among them, nine girls are learning tailor training, two are learning to run a beauty parlor, and six girls are going to school. We thank God for all the progress He is giving to this work. Our goal is to restore lives which come with so many challenges, yet we know all things are possible through Him.

We are glad to share with you that Ketak is running a new tailor shop near the safe house. She is very happy and thankful toward God. Once she was mentally ill because she was sexually abused by many guys. When she was brought to the safe house, we never thought she would be able to stand on her feet so soon. We have seen God’s miracle in her life. She has been healed and made new. Now seeing her life, it is hard to believes she was a mentally ill girl in the past. She has become a great help to other girls in the house, as well as in the community. We thank God for all the work He has done in her life. Now she is the happiest person in the house and earning on her own. Continue to pray for her new tailor shop and also for her life.


  • Basanta has gone back to her family and now she is asking us to help her open a parlor shop. Pray for her that God may give her wisdom to find a shop and start a small business soon.

  • Palash and Ujwala are going to appear for their board exams this month; please remember them in prayer.

  • On March 25th we are going to have our graduation ceremony. We need prayer as we prepare to send girls back to their families. They have learned their skills and now they have to work according to that. Pray for each and every one who is going to be graduate this month, that God may open a way for them to work and be a help to their family and society.

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