From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly

Many girls in Nepal are being sexually exploited through restaurants and dance bars these days. Many years ago, brokers used to supply girls to India across the border to sell them to Indian brothels. These days the internal human trafficking has increased numerously. Girls are being forced to work as sex slaves inside dance bars, guest houses, hotels, and restaurants and massage parlors. There are now a number of red-light areas in the city where women have started sex work as their trade and occupation. Many ladies are lured for a job and then later forced to work as sex workers. However some have chosen it as their income source since they have no education; they come from poor family backgrounds and have no skills to do any other work. They find sex work an easy and instant source of income. Even though the consequences are not good, and even though this is not an ultimate solution of their problem, people are still involved in the sex trade – either by force or willingly, knowingly or unknowingly.

We continue to fight against human trafficking and the sex trade. We try to help out those ladies who have been forced into the sex trade. Letting them know their value, we rescue them and bring healing to them. In these years we have seen how they are transformed from a caterpillar to a butterfly. We rescue ladies from those places and offer them shelter (safe house), where we help them learn different skills (vocational training) so that they can start working to sustain their life. By now around one hundred ladies have benefited from the safe house. Some have started their own small tailor and parlor shops after the completion of their training. This way we are reaching out to those poor and homeless ladies who are being lost in the world, not knowing the value of their lives. We are reaching them with love, offering them hope and life.

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