Privileged to Pray

I have noticed that our contacts in Nepal often refer to the women they work with as “girls.” This is explained so well by Mary Frances Bowley in her book, The White Umbrella: Walking with Survivors of Sex Trafficking.

Because, regardless of literal age, the children and women who come to [the safe house] are all wounded little girls inside. Once a girl is molested, she is emotionally arrested at that age, making her vulnerable to unhealthy people and giving her a tendency of making life choices based on the age at abuse. We also refer to them as “our girls” out of the great love, respect, and community we are privileged to share with them day to day.

The damage from just one incident is life-altering. Emotionally, girls are arrested in their development and make choices based on their emotional age at the time of the abuse. No wonder they make so many destructive decisions! Mentally, there are so many breakdowns in the brain that a learning disability is often the result. Socially, the concept of a healthy relationship becomes distorted and dysfunctional. Spiritually, the girls become disconnected from the Lord. How can a girl learn to trust a God who seems unable to protect her when someone she should be able to trust – a family member or friend – fails to protect her?

Prayer is the answer! Won't you pray RIGHT NOW and through the day for hope restored to broken lives?

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