Meet Vinita

Two weeks ago, Vinita (23 years old) was rescued from a restaurant. Because of her poverty, she came to find a job in the city. She was taken to work in a restaurant as a waitress. As their strategy, for the first month she worked as a waitress and was given a salary. But after that she was asked to sleep with the customers there. When she refused to do so, they would not give her money and began to treat her as an animal. She suffered there for about three months. Now she has come out of that place through the help of a lady.

She had the most painful experience of her life in those few months. She had no place to go and share her pain. She thought her life had no more hope. We encouraged her to learn some skills. We told her that life is not done yet, and now she needs to give herself another opportunity to restart her life in a new way. When she saw more ladies like her in the safe house, who are learning some skills, she was happy and encouraged to do new things – she is now learning tailoring.

Pray for Vinita that soon she will find the meaning of her life.

#Vinita #RestoringHopeNepal

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