The Time for Freedom Is Now

Excerpted from The White Umbrella: Walking with Survivors of Sex Trafficking:

Not so long ago, if you had asked me if I thought it was possible to overcome the issue of sexual exploitation of children, I would have said no. I would’ve told you we can save individual lives but [we could not] make the problem go away entirely.

We often refer to human trafficking as modern-day slavery. I wondered – did African Americans enslaved in the 1800s think they would be free someday? Did it cross their minds that it was possible to overcome slavery in America?

Obviously some did believe. But who got the ball rolling? Was it a man in the fields, crying out to God for freedom? Was it a young mother praying for a better future for her children? Was it a citizen wondering how people could treat other human beings like animals? My guess is that God faithfully answered the prayers of many.

Today, I sense God calling me to believe that one day people will look back on our fight to free sexually exploited children as history, not as reality. God is prodding my heart to stand strong on the battle lines because one day we will see an end to trafficking.

… When God’s people come together to fight this good fight against the exploitation of innocence, the weight of oppression is exchanged for the weight of glory. The time has come to let our children be little girls once again. The time for freedom is now.

- Tracy Busse in The White Umbrella: Walking with Survivors of Sex Trafficking (by Mary Frances Bowley)

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