Meet Latika

We have one more member added to our family this month. She is Latika and she is 21 years old. She was born in a poor family; she lost her father when she was seven years old. Her mother struggled to take care of her children. Because of their poverty, Latika could not continue her studies. She has four siblings in her family who are all married now. Through Facebook she came to know a lady, and they became friends. Latika was a poor village girl searching for a job, and her Facebook friend asked her to come to Kathmandu and promised to help her find a job in a restaurant. She trusted her and came to the city in search of a job, not knowing what would happen to her. When she came to Kathmandu, she met that lady and straight away she took her to a guesthouse and asked her to work there.

Her friend left Latika in that guest house, and for about two months she was very happy to work there because they were paying her well and everything was fine. But after a few months she was asked to please the customers by sleeping with them. She was new to the town and had no place to go and no one to ask for help. She refused at first, but at last they forced her to sleep with guys. She was forced to sleep with two guys every night. They were very strict toward her and they did not even allow her to go to the market alone. Every time she needed something they would bring it for her and if she wanted to go out they would send someone along with her as a guard. For about four months she stayed there even though she was not happy, and that was not her choice.

One day she was able to run away from that place and she contacted her sister. Through her sister we were able to bring her to the safe house. She has fear for her future. We comforted her, telling her that she is a precious child and God has a plan for her life. We have been encouraging her to not lose her hope. Her plan is to learn tailoring and if possible in the future she wants to go back to her own village and start a small tailor shop. She needs prayer and encouragement. Only God can give her strength to move forward.

Pray for our new sister Latika, that God may help her to know how precious she is in His eyes.

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