God's Love Is Not Circumstantial

I never realized what it meant to the women at the safe house just spending time with them – I always thought serving someone was physically doing something. It made me cry, knowing that just showing them love made such a difference to them. I have come to appreciate my family so much more after visiting Nepal – and to recognize that this is how the church should be. I have a vision now to connect to these women in a more personal way, so that the women know they are loved. When we are in relationship together, we are more quick to pray and to find ways to help.

When I traveled to Nepal this summer, I was expecting the women to be very shy and for it to take time to get to know them. They were so open to talking to me, and they wanted to connect. Even the language barrier didn’t affect our communication. One of the women began teaching me Nepali, and I got to learn about her family in her own language. Just being open to connect with her and learn her language showed that I cared about her as a person.

This is the value of the ministry: showing the women their worth. They have been through so much, but we don’t see them any differently because of their past. We can show them through our acceptance that love is not circumstantial.

I ended up being sick a lot of the time when I was in Nepal, but I learned that God can still use me in my weakness. He helped me to push past the sickness and helped me to love the women in His strength and not my own. Through prayer, God can do anything – He is faithful through all circumstances. In this small way, I learned how big He is. There is a huge work going on in Nepal, and through God what can’t we do?!


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