Meet Bela

Bela is 24, and she has a little girl who is 4 years old. She was married seven years ago in a remote village of Nepal. At her young age she was married and as a typical housewife she was busy working in her house and taking care of her husband and her in-laws. For a few years her marriage was going well; however after the birth of her daughter she started to face problems with her husband. Her husband was jobless and an alcoholic. Before he never used to hit her, but when she bore a child his behavior toward her was completely different. Every day they would quarrel, and sometimes he would hit her so bad she had to run away and leave that house to save her life. Sometimes she went to stay in a neighbor’s house to save her life. She tried her best to tolerate this, thinking that he would change his behavior someday, but it became worse day by day.

Later on as the child was growing he started to accuse her of sleeping with other guys; rather he was having extramarital affairs with other women. One night he came home drunk and started to beat her with a rod; he tried to kill her and that night she fled from him to save her life. All night she stayed outside and in the early morning she came back while he was sleeping. She took her daughter and left that home without letting him know. Through her sister, she came to the safe house. Her husband threatened that he would throw acid in her face if he ever finds her. She said she wants to save her daughter’s life; she does not want to leave her daughter with that man because he may kill her too. Right now she is learning tailoring. In the future we will send her daughter to school. Pray for this mother and child.

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