Meet Binishma

Binishma is 21 years old and comes from a remote village of Nepal. She could not go to school because she was born into a poor, low-class family. A year ago she came to Kathmandu in search of a job and she began to work in a guest house. At first she was given good money and was happy to work as a cleaner in that guest house, but after two months the owner of the guest house started to treat her badly. He forced her to sleep with the customers who came to stay there. They had a security guard and she could not leave that place. She was forced to sleep with 4-5 guys every day and they did not give her any money. For about nine months she was tortured like that. She came from her village with the dream of earning money, but she became a sex slave. She felt like she was imprisoned in that guest house and her life would end there.

She was not the only girl in that place to be treated that way. There were about seven girls, but every girl was put into different rooms of that guest house. They were not allowed to meet and talk. They had security men who would always watch the girls; if they tried to stand together, they would be told to go to their own rooms. She realized that place was not just a guest house, but the owner was making girls work in the sex trade. From the outside it was a guest house and all day they would make every girl work, but at night every girl working there had to be ready to sleep with the customers who came to stay the night in that place. She told us that she was treated as a sex toy to please guys who came to spend the night there. She said that place was like hell; if she refused to sleep with the customers, the owner would hit her with a stick.

She managed to run away from that place. And from there one of her relatives brought her to the safe house. She could not go back to her family. She has guilt inside because of her suffering for this long time. She cannot face her family because they may not understand what she has gone through. Now she wants to learn some skills and do something on her own. She said she wants to learn to be a tailor and wants to open a small tailor shop in the future. We are glad to receive her as our sister. Even though in her young age she has gone through all this, God has a bigger plan for her life – that is why He rescued her from that place. Remember her in your prayers that she may understand the plan of God for her life.

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