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Restoring Hope Nepal provides the financial support for a safe house for women, supporting the Nepali people who are working on the ground already to meet these needs. Trafficking is a tremendous problem worldwide, and the need to fight it is growing daily. Nepal is a very poor country, where families are so impoverished that the girls are forced to support them, and prostitution seems to be the easiest way to provide an income. Other times the families will sell their daughter(s) into a brothel for the money. Additionally, 54 women and girls are trafficked out of Nepal each day - that is more than 15,000 women and children a year.

The long-term vision for Restoring Hope Nepal is to build and fund the staff for a dynamic rescue operation based in Kathmandu, Nepal. This will encompass a campus capable of housing 60-100 women and their small children. This home will be structured in such a way as to establish “family groups” within the home, each group being led by a mature family mother that provides one-on-one as well as group encouragement.

Each resident will receive vocational training, as well as the opportunity to study traditional school subjects while learning other life skills. Any medical care they may require will be provided. Additionally, a work placement program will be developed in conjunction with the Nepali leadership that will provide long-term employment for graduates from the program.

Safe Nepal plans to build a campus capable of housing 60-100 women and their small children.

Separate Housing Areas: The women who come to the safe house come from different backgrounds with different life circumstances, which affects the type of mentoring and counseling they require. This campus would provide separate housing areas for 1) women with children, 2) women with HIV, and 3) all other rescued women.

  • With limited space in our current home, it is difficult to bring in mothers with their children. By providing housing specific for these family units, Safe Nepal would make a greater impact on the lives of these rescued women, as well as greatly improve the futures of their children.

  • By providing separate housing for women with HIV, Safe Nepal would be able to more effectively administer health care in this specialized setting.

Increased Outreach: Hundreds of thousands of Nepalese girls are sold in India – once they have been rescued, they must be sent back to Nepal. A new mission in Delhi that is rescuing girls across all of India hopes to partner with Safe Nepal for the placement of these girls.

On-Campus Income Generation: Safe Nepal plans to establish a “Himalayan Coffee Processing Factory” for local income generation to support its ongoing mission, as well as to employ girls earning an income to provide for their future.

When women come to Safe Nepal, they have no hope. When they learn a skill and realize they can take care of themselves, they begin to realize their value. And as they begin to realize their value, these women want to help rescue others. They want to go back to their villages and tell their families and neighbors, and they want to go back into the red-light areas and bring other women out of that darkness. Their experience is far more effective when they can say, “I am the one who was once living a life like you; now I am no more living like that.”

  • Many girls have changed their lives and they have changed their old ways; they are no longer willing to go back to their former profession.

  • Those girls who were addicted to drugs, smoking and alcohol have come out from those addictions and they have made a commitment to not get back into them.

  • Some young girls whom we rescued from the red-light district are now integrated back to their families. Those who were once kicked out of their families, now their families are ready to accept their daughters back.


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