God Loves Us Beyond Our Imagination

We thank our almighty God every day for His blessing and protection upon this family and also to all our prayer partners who have been supporting us financially. Through all of your prayers, the girls are growing more in knowledge and being transformed. They once were living a dirty life, abandoned by society, and counted as nothing – but now God has changed their values of life and they are significant. God gave a promise to these girls that He will never leave or forsake them, and He is guiding all these ladies in a wonderful way. As it is written in God’s Word “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no human mind has imagined the things God has prepared for those who love him.” For all of these things, we can only give thanks to God and praise His name, with a hope that greater things are still on the way to come.

God is not only changing their appearance but also their hearts. Ojasvi came here three months ago, and we have seen a drastic change in her behavior. She used to be sad all the time, keeping away from other girls. Her past was not good and because of that frustration she was not giving attention in her training. Now she is really making good progress in her learning, and also she has opened up with the other girls in the house. Her sister came to visit her this month and she was amazed to see the changes in her sister’s life.

This month our sister Luniva joined her school. She is very glad to be able to continue her studies. She is happy to be in the safe house. Pray for her education.


  • Sister Dhanya has muscle pain in her back and because of that she is not able to do well in her tailor class; pray for her health.

  • Sanah is having a hormone disorder problem, and as a result her menstruation has stopped the last many months. Pray for God’s miracle in her life.

  • Pray for all the staff of the safe house as they continue to work together. Let the wisdom of God be upon them.

  • The safe house is planning to open a new tailor shop, since the old shop was given to Abhi to sustain her life after her graduation. But the problem is we are not finding any good place for rent. Pray that God will help us find a new place to start a tailor shop, so that our girls can work there and get lots of practice.

  • Abhi and Sharan are doing well in their tailor businesses. Let’s ask God’s protection to be upon them as they continue their work.

  • Amala has gone to work abroad, and Geetika is also going to Dubai for work. Let God be with them and protect them and bless them in their work.

  • We would like to buy musical instruments (a guitar and a piano) for the safe house.

  • We want to thank God because this month we were able to buy a new oven and gas heater for the safe house. Thank you all for supporting us with money to get those things. May God bless each one of you more, in your families, and in your work.

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