Meet Dhanya

Dhanya is 16 years old. Her dad abandoned her mom when she was 5 months old. From then she never found her dad’s love in her life. Her mom went through many struggles to raise this little girl and support her for her education. She used to go different people’s house to work to support her daughter’s education. Dhanya has seen her mom’s struggles and she felt bad she was born a girl. But she wants to learn some skills so that she will be able to support her mom. Her mom is not in good health and growing old, though even now she goes to other homes to work. Now as Dhanya has grown up, she wants to support her mom.

She came to hear about the safe house from one of our graduates, Sharan, who is a neighbor to her. (Sharan was here for 3 years and now she is running a tailor shop in her village.) Because Dhanya had a desire to learn skills but could not afford training expenses, she has come here for six months to complete her course.

Being a young lady it was hard for Dhanya to deal with people in society because guys would look at her with bad intentions and they wanted to take the opportunity to abuse her, finding her a lonely lady. As she has come here, she has found herself safe and she is very much thankful that we will let her live in this family and protect her from the world outside. She said she will take all the opportunities she can to learn and make herself a better person in the future.

Pray for this new member in our family, that what she has missed outside she would find it here in this family. God has loved this young lady. He chose her to come here to this family so that she can find love and joy.

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