In the Name of Jesus, I Pray

Names are powerful! The words we speak can impact another’s life in ways we may never know. I strive to speak encouragement to those around me, building them up with biblical truth and the expression of God’s love. I may not always succeed, especially when I try to walk in my own weakness rather than in God’s strength.

As I searched for suitable pseudonyms to protect the identities of the women at the safe house in Nepal, I was careful to consider the meaning of each of the names I selected. When I pray for each woman, I want them to know they are loved and valued, precious daughters of the King of Heaven.

For example, when I pray for Aanchal (which means protective shelter), I pray that she will know protective shelter, that God would restore her emotions, and that she would be secure in the knowledge of His great love for her.

When I pray for Jayati (which means victorious), I pray that she will be victorious. Even though she has returned to the red-light district, not believing that someone could love her beyond all others, I pray that God’s love would return to her again and again.

I pray that each of these women will be affirmed as a cherished creation of God, knowing that they are loved deeply by Him.

And I am so thankful for the women who are investing their lives in teaching these rescued souls, for Ranjana (delightful), Nandu (happiness), Amir (princess), and Sangita (musical). It is not a coincidence that the Lord brought these beautiful women to care for those who have not known love, that their names tell the story of the joy they bring to others.

Pseudonym Nepali Meaning

Lalita Beautiful

Madhur Melodious

Aanchal Protective Shelter

Rusha Charming

Hasana Laughter

Chameli Jasmine

Abhi Radiant

Varsha Rain

Nisha Dawn

Rupashi Beautiful

Sharan Refuge

Ketak Flower

Basanta Spring

Pallavi New Leaves

Hansika Swan

Girija Mountain

Ruchira Beautiful

Koseli Gift

Isha Strength

Palash Flowering Tree

Amala Pure

Daya Merciful

Geetika A Little Song

Chaman Garden

Tara Star

Jayati Victorious

Ojasvi Bright

Ujwala Bright

Kavita Poem

Dhanya Grateful

Luniva Sunrise


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