Meet Luniva

Luniva is 16 years old. She is a girl who has a very sad story. She was never loved by her parents; in fact she grew up without family. Her mom was sold to a brothel in India by her own husband. For about seven years she suffered in a brothel, selling her body every day to different people. She was pregnant by one of her customers in the brothel and somehow she was able to run away from there. When she came back to Nepal, she found she had HIV but she was three months pregnant by then. She went to her family but nobody accepted her; instead they accused her in society and she could not stay there. As she had no place to go, she was given shelter by a Catholic mission until she gave birth to her baby, whom they kept. They gave her medications to protect the baby from HIV, and she gave birth to a healthy baby girl without any disease. They kept the baby with them and supported her for her studies.

While Luniva was doing her studies, her mom married another guy. Luniva met her mom only when she was in grade 2; until then she had thought she was an orphan and she had no family. Since coming to meet her, her mom used to call her and bring her home during school holidays. The Catholic mission could not support Luniva in further studies, so her mom took her back with her. She used to go to work, leaving Luniva in the house. She did not know her dad. One day while her mom was away, a man came and said he was her dad and he tried to abuse her physically. She was very insecure with that guy. He was a stranger and an alcoholic.

When Luniva came to stay with her mom, she realized the environment of her family was not good. The stranger wanted to keep her, and she couldn’t understand why he kept trying to take her away. She was depressed day by day and her mom could not do anything to help her, so she asked her mom to send her somewhere where she can continue her studies and do something in life. Her mom learned about our mission and she requested us to help her daughter. Right now Luniva is not in good condition. After knowing the story of her mom’s life, she is in depression. She finds herself a lonely and abandoned child. She has pain inside, which she tries to hide within her. But we believe God will heal her and give her peace inside and help her achieve her goals in the future.


  • Pray for Sanah – she is going to appear for her exams this week.

  • Ojasvi arrived last month, and is not well. She is suffering with pneumonia; pray for her soon recovery.

  • Pray for the tailor and parlor training going on in the house and for all who are learning it. Some of them struggle to learn because of their illiteracy.

  • Pray for Basanta and Rupashi as they are working in the parlor. Let them be a witness to many people and handle all the clients well.

  • Also pray for all the staff of Safe (Ranjana, Sangita, Nandu, Sanah, Amir, Basanta).

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