Meet Ojasvi

We have a new member in our safe house this month. Her name is Ojasvi and she is 20 years old. She married at the age of 19 as she was in her grade 10; her family arranged a guy for her and she married him. She thought life would be easy and fun after marriage, but she was too young to handle all the responsibilities. As time passed by she could not meet the expectation of her in-laws and she was started to be tortured by her mother-in-law. That happened day by day, and her husband also supported his family rather than her. She became a victim of domestic violence.

In her young age she was forced to work like slave. They treated her as if she was brought there to work as an unpaid slave. A few months later she got pregnant, but even in that situation they made her work without compassion. In her pregnancy she used to climb hills carrying things on her back; as her home was in a mountain areas she used to do that often. In that process she had a miscarriage of her four-month-old unborn child. That broke her from the inside. She even thought of suicide. She regretted getting married. She tried to convince her husband to leave that house and move somewhere with her, but he chose his family.

Finally she decided to leave that house and her husband. She came to her father’s house but because of her society gossiping about her broken marriage, she had a hard time staying there. Then she came to Kathmandu city in search of a job. For a few months she worked as a painter but the income was not good and she was not treated well. Her life was in risk. She was a young single lady and alone to struggle in the city, which was very much difficult for her.

One day she came to our beauty parlor to have her hair cut and she shared her story with us. She told us she wants to learn tailoring but she has no money to pay for training. She is having difficulty surviving without money and shelter. After listening to her story we felt she might get spoiled someday if her struggle continues and then she might choose the wrong way to earn money to sustain her life. Before that happens we felt we should help her learn some skills.

She was very happy to hear about the safe house, and as soon as she heard about it she was convinced to come here. However she was very much down when we brought her to that safe house. Because of what happened in her life, she had lost her hope and she thought she was not worth living. But we counseled with her and encouraged her. Now she is doing good and learning tailor in the house. Her future goal is to open a tailor shop and earn money to run her life. We believe God has a wonderful plan for her life and she will have better days ahead.

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