From Rescued to Rescuer

My name is Sanah. I come from the small village of Pokhara. There are six other members in my family, and I am the middle sister. I have been at Safe Nepal for two years.

Because of the poverty of my family, I got married at a very young age. After my marriage, I stayed for about one year with my husband. I didn’t know that my husband was a mentally ill man. I came to know this after my marriage, and every day I suffered terror with him because he used to torture me physically, he used to torture me mentally. For about one year, I tolerated him and I tried my best to bear all the pains he was giving to me. When it was too much, when I couldn’t bear any more, I left that house and came back to my mom and dad. I came to Pokhara city and stayed there.

When I started to stay alone in Pokhara city, to sustain my life with my friends, then slowly I started to be misguided and started to go off track in my life. I ignored my own life and I decided to leave out frequently and I started to do bad works.

At that time my dad was in upper Nepal working and after a few months he came back home. He came to know about me, and he came to the city and he took me back to the home. Because my dad didn’t know about the situation of my marriage life, he took me back to my husband’s house. But in the middle of the night, everybody of that house, they hit my dad and myself and we weren’t going to stay there. We went back to my house.

One of my relative sisters was staying in Kathmandu, and my mother contacted her and told her about me. Through the help of that sister, I came to Safe Nepal. I always used to ask myself, “Why did I suffer so much? Why did I have to go through all those pain and suffering?” But today I am thankful – because of those pain and suffering I am here.

I am very much thankful to God, and my brothers and sisters who are helping me here. In spite of all my weaknesses, they have always forgiven me, my faults, my mistakes, and they have been an encouragement to me in my day-to-day life. For the last fifteen months, I have been helping in this house. I am looking after girls, and I am doing everything I can support to help this house. As much as I can do, I am trying my best to support this house.

Sometimes I get frustrated and feel like I want to go from this house, but that time God made me realize that He has done so much for me and now it is my turn to do something for this house and contribute from my life. I feel if being so unworthy, God has loved me this much and He has brought me this far, why can’t I love these girls and why can’t I be here with them?

My studies were stopped after tenth grade, and I got to continue my studies coming here to Safe. I have done well after the exams of my first year, and now I am waiting for my second year results. I hope that I’ll pass with very good marks.

I am very much thankful to God; today the perspective of my family and people toward me has changed. They don’t look at me the same way they used to see me before, and it is because of God who has changed my life.

I have a heart and a big desire now to help those girls who are like me, once I was like them, who went through pain and suffering and are living now a bad life. I want to go and rescue them and help them and see them change as I am changed, and I want to rescue them.

[By the way, she has brought one friend here to Safe two nights ago.]

Now I want to live a very good life, loving these girls, helping this house, supporting in every way I can.

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