Encouragement from the U.S.

We would like to express our gratitude towards all our prayer partners, and we appreciate all of your support and help to our safe family. Because of your continuous love and prayer, all the girls are doing well. God’s peace is upon this family and they all have this peace in their life. Thank you all for all the support, may God bless each one of you and your families out there in all of your deeds.

A very special thanks to the team that arrived at Safe Nepal last month to encourage us and spend precious time with us. The team was here for four days and all the girls were super excited to have them here. We made momo (a Nepali dish) in the house, and we went on a picnic for one whole day. The girls enjoyed this most – with a barbeque, singing and dancing and worshipping together. The team was very gracious; they taught crafts to all the girls and also they did some American cooking in the safe house and served all the girls with humility. We thank all the team members for making your time for these girls. The last day was very difficult for our girls as they had a hard time to separate from the team. Every moment the team spent here was blessed and memorable. All of your presence has given them a family environment. Thank you for giving love from all your acts and words.

We would like to invite more people to come and visit the girls and spend time with them. You have only seen them in photos and heard about their stories but when you come here and spend time with these precious ladies, your life will change as well. God bless you all.


  • Pray for all the ladies of the safe house who are doing their studies; some of them are having difficulty with English, Math and Science.

  • Sanah is going to appear for her exam paper next month; pray for her too.

  • Pray for Sharan and Abhi; they are each running a tailor shop. Both have HIV disease and they are no longer living at the safe house.

  • Pray for Girija and Palash who both have HIV. Let God’s hand be upon them and may He heal them miraculously.

  • Pray for the country of Nepal as there is still flooding. Some of our girls’ families are also being affected by it.

  • Pray for all the staff working at Safe Nepal that they may all work together in unity and love, showing God’s love to all the girls staying there in the safe house.

  • Our NGO is going to be renewed this year. For that, lots of government processes need to be done. Pray that God will help us to do things easily without any obstacle.


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