Our New House Mother

I am Sangita, and I have been at Safe Nepal the last month with our sisters, working with them. It is a good experience to be with them, and I am very happy to experience them with their life. Here I am living with them and sharing everything with them. The sisters here are from different backgrounds, different places, different tribes. Sometimes it is difficult to address with them, but it is only because of God’s love that we can stay here together. Sometimes I scold them, sometimes I encourage them. It is a totally different experience for me, but I am really happy to be with them.

Why I chose this is I want to know about them, what they are going through, their life struggle. Out of their difficulties, I want to show how God loves us and how God accepts us. I am really thankful to our brothers and sisters also who invited me to Safe Nepal, and I am happy.

What is the role that you fulfill, the job that you do here at Safe Nepal?

I am working as a house mother. I am helping them sometimes. Sometimes they feel so lonely, sometimes they feel too down, so I encourage them, and I pray together with them.


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