Restoring Lives Through Teaching

We know there are many hands that make Safe Nepal work. It’s a team of people that come together to make this environment as a family actually function. I’d like to know what your role is with Safe Nepal and what you do here.

I am a tailor teacher (Amir). For the past 33 years, I have been in the tailoring trade. I have been involved here at Safe Nepal for three years as a tailor teacher. Since I have a long experience of tailoring, I could open my own business if I wanted to do tailoring. My vision and interest was different. I want to serve, so with that servant heart I am here in this ministry. What I felt is with my skills, if I can restore somebody with my skill, then why not? So I chose this ministry and to serve the girls.

As we have girls from different backgrounds here, it is not always easy to work among them. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I scold them. I try many ways to teach them; it’s not always so easy. I am happy to say today a few girls have finished their training and they have opened their own businesses, and they are now above me. And I am happy to see that. As I have said, it has been three years I have been working here as a tailor teacher, and one thing I want to say is I am very happy, and this place is very good. It is like my own family.


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