Lives Are Being Transformed

More than what you have been reading in these interviews, there is a lot more happening in the Safe ministry. The girl that was interviewed about the parlor at the house, she is a teacher. She was a very experienced teacher; she worked in Singapore for a few years and she came back. She could have a good job, but she is here to serve at Safe Nepal, knowing that these girls need the help and that is her reason. She is very experienced, a very qualified teacher, and she is with us.

The tailoring teacher also has 33 years’ experience. She is qualified in every way that you can think of, to be a teacher, and she could earn a lot of money working other places. But she is here, thinking that this is the place where they need to be involved. The reason is they are seeing the life has been transformed.

If you talk about the parlor, the client comes over and they do the hair and all these things. That’s the work that we have been doing. It looks very simple, it looks very small scale, but it is impacting people’s lives. And people who have come to Safe Nepal experience that by seeing what is happening, they get all excited.

For example, my Nepali friend who married an Australian girl, they came over here in person. Now they are saying that this is the place where we want to rescue those girls who are sold in Bombay, who have been in the trade in different parts of India and they are working there – they thought this is the place where we can send those rescued girls. They want to keep all the Indian rescued girls over there and they want to recommend to send the Nepali rescued girls over here to Safe Nepal.

How do we do that? We don’t really have a place to keep them all over here, but it is an opportunity for us to explore and see what God has for us. And I’m sure He has started this work in small ways and He has a plan to fulfill His plan, He will provide. If we have faith, we are moving forward – and if you are with us in your prayers, then surely God will answer and we will be able to do more through this mission. I think this is the opportunity that God is bringing together to serve Him through Safe Nepal and through Restoring Hope Nepal.

Are there many Nepali girls in India? And how do they get there?

Lots of Nepali girls are sold. The main trafficking market is in India for the Nepali girls. It is just easy, because we have an open border. One time I was traveling nearby the Tibet border, and we were coming back. We had on our backpacks. There was one lady working in the field and her father was plowing with an ox, and I talked to this father and he said, “Oh, so where are you from?” “We are from Kathmandu.” “Oh, Kathmandu, really? Take my daughter also with you. Give me 1000 rupees (which is $10). Give me 1000 rupees. Take my daughter with you.” I asked the daughter, “Would you like to go?” And she was very excited and she said, “Oh, yes, why not?” By this incident you can see how easy it is for the girls to be trafficked into India. India is an open border; once you cross the border, that’s done.

Hundreds of thousands of girls are sold in India – by their own husbands, by their own fathers, even by their own son. Once they get into the brothel in India, they can’t get away by themselves. Somebody needs to go there and rescue them. So this program is established. There are many others, I guess, but I know this program was newly established and they are hoping to rescue girls from brothels, and they want to send the rescued Nepali girls to Safe Nepal. We don’t know how we’re going to handle that, but I’m just going to explore what God has for us.


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