Meet Ujwala

UJWALA: My name is Ujwala, and I am 18 years old; I come from a place called __

INTERVIEWER: How did you hear about the safe house? How did you come there?

UJWALA: A girl I knew had a sister who was involved in social work, and through her I came to learn about Safe Nepal.

INTERVIEWER: What is your favorite thing about Safe Nepal?

UJWALA: At Safe, what I like most is they help us to come out of our depression and frustrations. And they show us so much love and care … like we are one family.

I was living in the world alone, and I was unhappy with the way I lived. Something happened, which I needed to happen … I was released from one problem to another problem. I was abused from my own father, my grandfather. It was very hard for me to leave that life. It was very hard for me to leave that society and to live like other young girls. I was very much in frustration and depression. And after some time the one who had a sister in social work had connections in Kathmandu at Safe Nepal, I came here, a place where I can go and continue my studies and where I can be away from all this frustration. I don’t have to face my father anymore, and I don’t have to believe in those gods anymore.

INTERVIEWER: When you get done with Safe Nepal, will you go back to school? Will you go back to your village?

UJWALA: I was doing my studies when I was at home, but because of this incident I stopped myself so after coming to Safe Nepal, I have completed my studies.

INTERVIEWER: What are your plans for the future? What do you want to do?

UJWALA: I have come from a very bad past, and now I want to be a blessing to those girls who were victims like me and I want to tell them that there is hope.

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