An Update on Amala

Amala waited for four years and finally God has answered her prayer – she has now gone back to her family. This was a miracle that happened in her life. She has the same mother who promised not to accept her as her daughter anymore. Amala was abused by her own father for many years, and when she shared this with her mom she was not helpful, rather she slapped her and did not trust her. She could not stay in that house and left her family; she ran away. One of her uncle met her and helped her to come to the safe home. When she came here, she was full of disappointment and bitterness in her heart about her mom and dad. She could not forgive them for a long time.

She learned to forgive those who hurt her. Now God has given her a forgiving heart and she has now completely accepted her family. Her dad is not having a good relationship with her mom and he left home for some other woman. She decided to go home and care her mom in this hard situation. We went to her home and met her mom; she was sorry for her behavior toward her daughter. She said she will also follow Jesus and walk in the way her daughter is walking, and both of her sisters are also excited to welcome her home. Her family situation is not good right now. Her mom does labor work to earn money, and two of her sisters are doing their studies. Her mom has hope that Amala will open a parlor business and help her family.

God has restored her family after four years and we are thankful to God for this blessing. This was our goal to see the women restored back to their families. She needs God’s guidance to show God’s love.

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