About the Safe House Ministry

Before Safe Nepal, brother Surendra and someone from his team approached me about an idea he had – a vision and a desire they had been praying from the past many years for a beauty parlor in the red-light district where a free service would be offered to the girls who were being victims of sexual violence and who are being trafficked in other ways. For that they needed a woman, because for guys it would be very hard for them to start something like that. I was already working, but still I had a desire in my heart to do something already for the young girls. When they imparted this vision to me, I said okay; at that time, it was just a small thing, a beauty parlor business – let’s see how we’re going to work through that. The main purpose was to start a parlor business and to give service to the girls who were working in the red-light area, hotel restaurants, and cabins.

We had a beauty parlor for about 2 years in red-light area near my church. As we were working among those people, we came to know more about the girls. We came to know more about trafficking, how people are being trafficked. Then we realized the need is not just to provide a free service to the girls; there was much more than that needed.

We came to interact with a few girls there while providing service. They shared about their stories and their hardships. They were migrated to Kathmandu city from villages and poor families. People may ask, “Why are they into it [the sex trade]?” Some are forced to do that, but some were willingly doing it because there was no choice for them. The women had no education because their families were poor; they couldn’t provide an education, they couldn’t spend the money for school. The women had no skills; there was nothing they could do, but they had to sustain their lives doing something. When they came to the city to earn something, it wasn’t very easy for them to earn money.

The easiest thing they found was working in a restaurant as a waitress or standing on the street waiting for a customer to give them money and take them to a hotel. After talking with them, we realized the root cause is different than we had assumed – the girls working in hotel restaurants or cabins or guesthouses or the red-light district, it is different – so we wanted to do more to solve the root cause. We decided we need to have a house where we can rescue these girls and bring them, and as they said they have no education, no skills to do anything, and this is the only thing left for us to sustain our life. We decided we will help provide them with education and skills. If by providing those things, if you can change your lifestyle, if they can be a normal person in society to live normally as other people to run their lives – then we should be doing that. We decided to start Safe Nepal; it is a building where we bring girls and we provide different kinds of skills, vocational training in beauty parlor and tailoring. For young girls who are interested to continue their studies, we encourage them to continue their studies, bringing them to come live at the safe house.


April 2017 Prayer Request: We need one house mother who is mature and capable of taking care of these girls. It is very urgent now as new girls are coming in. Pray that God would provide the right person to handle these girls.

February 2017 Prayer Request: Pray for sister Ranjana to get wisdom and patience from God as she continues to serve the girls.

November 2016 Prayer Request: Pray for sister Ranjana as she helps these ladies in the house; it is not always easy and she needs more strength from above and more wisdom to handle situations well.

July 2016 Prayer Request: Pray for sister Ranjana, the in-charge of the house, as she manages everything in the house; she needs patience and wisdom to handle every situation well.

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