Meet Abhi

Abhi is a blessing for this house; we believe God has chosen her to lead the other girls by blessing many sisters in the house. She has changed upside down, and we are blessed to see her changed behavior. Abhi wants to be a good leader. She has enthusiasm to teach so we want to give her opportunity in this house to help the other girls. This will be more effective for the safe house as the girls from the home are rising to help the other girls.


April 2017 Prayer Request: Abhi has finished her training period here, and she is ready to move out and work on her own. She will be staying nearby, but she will have her own shop. Pray for wisdom as she is planning to get established on her own now. She has stayed at the safe house for three years, and she has learned skills to sustain her life. Pray that God would give her a place where she will prosper.

Pray for Abhi who has HIV. We want to see God’s healing in her life. Pray for this one who is suffering with this incurable disease. In God's powerful name let the disease named HIV be removed from her life forever.

March 2017 Prayer Request: Pray for Abhi as she is preparing to leave the safe house and start her own small shop. Pray for wisdom and a good place that God may provide for her to work.

January 2017 Prayer Request: Pray for Abhi in her job as a tailor and for her future. Please also be in prayer for family, especially her son (age 17).

April 2016 Prayer Request: Abhi is not well, her pressure has gone down and also CD4 counts in her blood have decreased. Pray that God would heal her from her HIV AIDS and make her healthy.

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