The Door God Opens, No One Can Shut It

We want to thank all our prayer partners for always standing by our side. What we are today is because of God’s grace and your support and prayers. Every time we write, we always have lots to share about these girls living in Safe Nepal. We have seen transformation in the girls’ lives, and we continue to see more. We have been commissioned by God to help the poor and serve people in need. This truth God has revealed to each one of us. Through Safe Nepal, we have been given such a wonderful task to help girls who are suffering physically on this earth. We serve them, providing them love, and meeting their needs.

We have now 17 girls living in our family. Eight of them go to school and the rest are working in our tailoring shop and beauty parlor. The girls have opened their own tailor shop and a beauty parlor, and they themselves are taking the initiative to run these shops. As we said above, we have seen transformations in their lives. We do not hire any staff to run the house, but the older girls take turns to lead the house. This way all of the girls are discovering their purpose. They came here with pain, frustration, isolated from their own families, but now they have formed a strong family within the house, holding each other’s hands and being one another’s support. God is good; all the time He is good. God is good to our girls, He is good to our mission, and He is good for their future ahead.

We need more prayer for God's wisdom. The door God opens, no one can shut it. If not this way then from another way, He will provide us wisdom to bring new girls into this family (from July 2016 update, but still so true today!).


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