Meet Koseli

Koseli is 14 years old, and she came to the safe house in July 2015. Her childhood was not good; she did not receive enough attention and care from her parents. Her mother’s character was not good; while she was only 10, she saw her mother having an affair with another man (a neighbor). Later, that man came to abuse Koseli as well. She told this to her mother but she could not help her. Her mother had many other affairs. Her dad came to know about it and then he threw her out of the house. From that day on, her father took care of Koseli and her younger brother.

At the age of ten, Koseli was physically abused by her neighbor. Ever since he first abused Koseli, he continued to do that again and again. His daughter was a good friend to Koseli; they were of the same age and Koseli used to be with her often in her house to play and spend time with her, unfortunately that man took advantage out of it and kept abusing her physically for many years. One day Koseli was shocked when she came to know that man abused his own daughter (Koseli’s friend). He was a man of bad character, not only abusing Koseli and his own daughter, but sex was his addiction and he liked to play with young girls whomever he finds. He has been doing this to many young girls like Koseli. However, she could not tell this to anyone out of fear. Every day she had to face that man in front of her house and she was not bold enough to share this with her dad.

From that time until now she was living as his sex slave. Anytime he wanted, he would come and sleep with her. Because of this stress she could not do well in her studies. A few times she attempted suicide, but somehow she had an inner feeling that she should live and do something. Her dad wanted to find a guy for her to marry because he thought she could not do anything well in her life. One of her neighbors who worked in an NGO came to her father and told her about Safe Nepal, where she can learn skills and continue her studies. Now Koseli is learning tailoring and happy to be a part of our family.


  • January 2017 Prayer Request: Pray for Koseli as she goes home. Please be in prayer also for her family.

*Names changed for the safety of the women.

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