Meet Sharan

It is like showers of blessings as we share all these stories about what God is doing in the life of these girls. We are happy to send Sharan back to her village to start a small tailor business. It has been her long awaited dream for many years, to go back to her own village and open a tailor shop. She came to the safe house with that purpose and now finally she has achieved her dream. She came only with a dream, but as she is going back she is taking so many things with her. She has found new life, new family, and new joy. We still remember when we first met her – she was with no hope because she has a disease called HIV and she was afraid to face society and her relatives. She left home with her daughter (Palash) who also has this same disease. However God has changed her upside down.

For about 13 years she left her family and hometown, but now she has decided to go back to the same place among those people to open her tailor business. God has made her bold so that she can face the world now. This is our great joy to see such amazing change in her life. She told us the reason to go in that remote village is not money, but she wants to help those people and her relatives through her work. This is not east step she has taken. We believe God is going to protect her and use her in a mighty way. She still has that disease HIV but our prayer is with her that God will miraculously heal her completely one day.


  • April 2017 Prayer Request: Sharan has finished her training period here, and she is ready to move out and work on her own. She wants to go back to her own village and start a small business there. Pray for wisdom as she is planning to get established on her own now. She has stayed at the safe house for three years, and she has learned skills to sustain her life. Pray that God would give her a place where she will prosper.

  • Pray for Sharan who has HIV. We want to see God’s healing in their lives. Pray for this one who is suffering with this incurable disease. In God's powerful name let the disease named HIV be removed from her life forever.

  • Sharan is not well; she has a pain in her ankle. Pray for her soon recovery so that she can go back to her village to open a tailor shop.

  • March 2017 Prayer Request: Pray for Sharan as she is preparing to leave the safe house and start her own small shop. Pray for wisdom and a good place that God may provide for her to work.

  • February 2017 Prayer Request: Sharan’s health is not well these days; she has some problem with her uterus. She is a HIV patient and taking ART pills. Pray for God’s miraculous healing for Sharan.

  • January 2017 Prayer Request: Pray for the tailoring shop that she would like to open. Pray for her sickness (HIV) and for her daughter’s eye (Palash), which is partially blind caused by HIV.

  • April 2016 Prayer Request: For the last month, tailor work has increased exceedingly and we thank God for His blessings in our work. This has helped our sisters grow their confidence level and they are getting the opportunity to sharpen their skills. Sharan said now she can open a tailor shop on her own and she has a desire to go back to her village and open a small tailor shop. Our goal is to train all the women and help them get established on their own, and we are still encouraging the women to think about their future and to start some business on their own.

  • May 2015 Prayer Request: Pray for sister Sharan; her CD4 is decreasing.

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