Meet Sanah

My name is Sanah and I am 20 years old. I come from a middle class family. I have a father, mother, two sisters and one brother. At the age of 17, I married a person whom I did not know well but my parents arranged for me. For two years, I stayed with him and his family but my life was very hard those years. He was mentally ill, which my family did not know about and I suffered as his wife for two years. He used to hit me, and he was an alcoholic. I tried my best to tolerate his violence staying in his house, and at last I gave up and decided to leave him. I went to my house and stayed with my parents, but people in our neighborhood talked about my broken marriage relationship and because of that my family was dishonored. I did not feel happy that my family had to face that because of me, so I decided to leave my family and went to a different city to find a job.

However, life was not as easy as I thought it would be – I was a young girl and nobody helped me to find a good job so I started to work in a dance bar. From there I met friends who led me to do bad works. For one year, I was on the wrong path doing all kind of bad things and not valuing my own life and body. Through one of my relatives, I came to know about Safe Nepal and I came here to learn skills. My life is now transformed.

My frustration is gone and now I am living with a new hope to be a good person in future. God has given me a burden for those girls who are working in the dance bar, doing wrong things. God rescued me from that sinful life and now he has put a vision in my heart to go to that place and tell my friends. These days I am more restless and more burdened to go as soon possible to those friends. I know as He changed my life He will change others’ lives as well. I am praying every day to give me more clear revelation about the vision I have in my heart.

April 2017 Update: We are very happy to share this blessing how God is opening new doors for our girls. Sanah has finished her grade twelve exams. She always had a desire to be a teacher and now finally the Lord has answered her prayer. She has found a new job teaching in a boarding school for grades three to eight. She was selected from six candidates. And now she will start teaching at the school. We are very thankful to God for giving Sanah a new direction and purpose.


  • April 2017 Prayer Request: Sanah is going to meet her family this week.

  • March 2017 Prayer Request: Pray for Sanah as she is going to appear for her board exam.

  • ​January 2017 Prayer Request: Please be in prayer for Sanah's studies, her family members, her future, and her whole life.

For Sanah's full testimony and a transcript of an interview, go to her profile page.

*Names changed for the safety of the women.​

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