Meet Rupashi - New to the Safe House

Rupashi is 22 years old. She left school when she was in grade nine. She fell in love with a guy from her village. She told him they cannot marry because his family may not accept her. But that time he assured her that he will arrange everything so she did not need to fear. Her family would not agree for the wedding so they fled away. For about one month he did not take her home. He rented a room for them which was little bit far from his house. But later she asked him to take her home. She was pregnant by then. From the day she was in his house his family was very angry and they told in her face that they will never accept her as their daughter-in-law. Since she had already left her home she could not go back, especially being pregnant. She thought no matter what happens she would stay in his house with his family. But things did not go easy for her.

After a few months he decided to go to India to find a job. She was left alone with his family but they were very cruel toward her. Every day they used bad words on her and sometimes they did not let her eat. For eight months she stayed there, then went to meet her family. She told them her struggle and how she was being ignored there. Her parents asked her to stay, but the neighbors were talking behind the backs of her family and her older brother was angry – because of people’s gossip he decided to send her away.

A little far from her house there was an NGO where she was sent and where she gave birth to her child. Till then her husband had no contact with her. She did not have his calls and she had no idea where he was. He did not come home. Even after the birth of their son, he did not come to contact her.

Rupashi came to know that her son had a heart problem, so she came to Kathmandu to treat her son. The place where she was staying helped her financially for the treatment of her son. For two months he was admitted to the hospital but unfortunately her little son, who was three months old, died. She was all alone and was in trauma. She did not know where to go or what to do. There was no one to comfort her. She thought her life is now finished and she should not live because she had no reason to live her life.

She went back to her home, where she attempted suicide but she did not die. All day she used to lock herself inside her room in her village. Rupashi’s mom was helpful and told her not to listen to anyone but to start her life again with a new purpose. She suggested Rupashi should learn some skills. One day she got a call from a woman from Kathmandu who told her about Safe Nepal.

She found a new hope when she heard about the safe house. As soon as she heard she could learn parlor training she said yes to her and packed her things to come to Kathmandu. Rupashi has suffered in her young age. She feels she has ruined her life by trusting people. She cannot trust any guys anymore and at this point, she does not know if she will ever get married again. For now she wants to learn how to work in a beauty parlor and do something on her own. She wants to live her life in front of the people who have given her pain. Now she has found new courage to do something after coming to Safe Nepal.

Pray for Rupashi as she begins her time at the safe house. God through His grace has chosen Rupashi and brought her here so that she can find new life and hope.

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